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COVID-19 situation in China

April 3, 2020

The virus in China has been under controlled. Even the most serious city Wuhan will be unlocked from April 8, which has been blockaded since January 23rd.
All of the Wuhan people have been at home for two months!
Now the most important task for us is to prevent the importation of foreign infected persons.
It seems there are 20 cases on average imported from abroad every day, but our country now carries out nucleic acid tests for all the people coming to China at the airport
and the patients will be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as they are found. Even they are not infected, they also have to stay at appointed hotels for 14days.
so we think China is relatively safe, but we also have to be on our guard all the time since the outside is getting worse. Hope everyone is fine in 2020!