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Pharmaceutical Grade Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate Powder With NLT 98.5% Assay
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate Powder With NLT 98.5% Assay
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate Powder With NLT 98.5% Assay

Pharmaceutical Grade Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate Powder With NLT 98.5% Assay

Place of Origin China
Brand Name HS
Certification GMP, ISO,Halal certificate
Model Number Injectable chondroitin sulfate sodium
Product Details
Product Name:
Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate
Purity (ODB):
NLT98.5% (CPC)
Raw Material:
Bovine Cartilages
Spectral Absorption:
260NM (SOL.0.4%) <0.28 ;280NM (SOL.0.4%) <0.18
Shelf Life:
24 Months
High Light: 

Pharmaceutical Grade Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate


Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate Powder


Pharmaceutical Grade Chondroitin Sulfate Powder

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Product Description

Pharmaceutical Grade Injectable Chondroitin Sulfate Powder With NLT 98.5% assay

What is injectable chondroitin sulfate ?

1. Injectable chondroitin sulfate is the chondroitin puritied into a high substance of assay,with a lower substance of protein. The Esotoxin is controlled to be near 0.5%

2. Injectable chondroitin sulfate is the chondroitin sulfate utilized for the generation of intra-articular application infusions, particularly for the joints.

Through the understanding of chondroitin effect, we found that it has a good therapeutic effect on arthritis and other inflammatory, can promote joint site of nutrient absorption, have the effect of media or handling, better nutrition by bone absorption and utilization In addition to participate in the skeleton of manufacturing, so for time also has a good aftercare effect such as osteoporosis patients

The detailed specification of injectable chondroitin sulfate : 







Appearance White powder Pass
Identification Infra Red Confirmed (USP197K) Pass
  Sodium reaction (USP191) Positive
Assay(ODB) NLT98.5% (CPC) 101.6%
Loss on drying Less than10%(USP731) 9.4%
Protein NMT2.0%(USP32) 1.3%
Spectral Absorption

260NM (SOL.0.4%)

280NM (SOL.0.4%)



Disaccharide limit NMT10% 8.3%
Heavy Metal NMT20PPM (MethodⅡ USP231) <10ppm
PH (1%H2O solution) 6.0-7.5(USP791) 6.3
Specific Rotation - 20°- -30°(USP781S) -26.4°
Chloride NMT0.5%(USP221) <0.5%
Sulfates NMT0.24%(USP221) <0.24%
Residue on Ignition 20%-30%(dry base)(USP281) 25.7%
Endotoxin <0.5eu/mg Pass
Clarity and color of solution NMT 0.35 at 420nm Pass
Related substances <2.0 %(EP9.0) Pass
Total Bacteria Count <1000cfu/g (USP2021) Pass
Yeast & Mold <100cfu/g (USP2021) Pass
Salmonella Negative (USP2022) Negative
E.Coli Negative (USP2022) Negative
Staphylococcus Aurcus Negative(USP2022) Negative
Particle size 100% through 60 mesh Pass

The function of injectable chondroitin sulfate:

1. Adjust the function of the body - collagen fibers and elastic fibers exist together, with the function of adjusting all levels of tissues and organs of the body. Once mucopolysaccharide or collagen is lacking, cells cannot function under normal conditions, and the body begins to be damaged from this part.

2.. Maintenance of micronutrients - calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium ions have special affinity with mucopolysaccharides. It has been known that mucopolysaccharides play an important role in the movement or regulation of these hydrolysates. In addition, it is closely related to brain function.

3. Participate in the manufacture of bones - bones are made of calcium and phosphorus. But making bones requires amino acids and vitamin D. Chondroitin sulfate plays an important role in transporting materials or supporting materials to form bones during bone formation.

4.Early healing of wound - chondroitin sulfate plays an important role in the repair of wound when the body is injured. The reason why long meat cures wounds is that chondroitin sulfate promotes the formation of granulation, and animal mucopolysaccharides are also used to prevent postoperative adhesion.

5. Keep the smoothness of joints - chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid are the main components of cartilage mostly existing in joints (27-43%), which endow cartilage with elasticity and smoothness. In addition, it is also related to the elastic maintenance of the ligament or tendon surrounding the joint. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of synovial fluid, and chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid can promote joint smoothness.

Why choose our company as a supplier of chondroitin sulfate:

1. 20 years experiences: Our company had been in the industry of joint care ingredients for about 20 years. We are professional in joint care ingredients and has a long history.
2. Combined shipment of all joint care ingredients: We are able to supply almost all joint care ingredients including: shark cartilage powder, Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid. We could arrange combined shipment for all the above ingredients for you.
3. NSF-GMP Production: Our manufacturing site is NSF-GMP Verified.
4. Laboratory testing by ourself: We have established an GMP Laboratory within our company to conduct the testing for all our products.
5. Other certificates we have: NSF-GMP, ISO Certificates, Halal Certificates, MSC Certificates for shark cartilage powder and shark chondroitin sulfate.

Our service:

1. Free samples will be supplied at any time except carrier fee

2 .Any inquiries will be replied within 8 hours

3.Work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week

4.Be 100% responsible for quality complaint

5.Prompt shipment

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